All users must reset their passwords when logging in for the first time.

This is a private system for use only by staff and financial members of the HGFA. All access is logged.

This system is currently being developed and any suggestions for improvement should be made using the feedback system.


Go to Members Login Page

Members can view & edit their own information

SSOs & Instructors can view any members licence & qualifications and add ratings & upgrades for which they are qualified.


Go to Admin/Office Login Page

Admin/Office can view all records and make any changes to anything. Full access to all financial transactions and history.


New Member Sign Up Process.

New members are required to verify their email address and pass some simple tests to ensure they are human before they can start the sign up process.

They then complete the application and make their payment in order to join the HGFA. If the payment fails they remain in the system as a non-financial member and can renew at any time..