If you have an HTML5 compliant browser you can scan QR codes with your camera. Click here to activate.

Position a QRcode in the window to scan it.

Hide this window.

This is an HTML5 based application that should work on any mobile device or computer. It will cache the database on your device and will continue to operate when you have no internet connection.

The HGFA QR Code scanning works great with the latest Firefox or Chrome Browsers. You need to be connected over a secure connection (Https://).

To ensure that it will work and that you have the latest version of the database open this application once on your device before you leave internet coverage.

Only members who are current financial members will be shown.

On most mobile devices you can open this page in your web browser and then select an option like Add to Home Screen or Save Bookmark to create a permanant link that you can use when offline.

Last App Update 11/10/2016